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Written by Liz aka Southernlady

This is a list of most of the free plugins we have found to be most useful. a description and their download locations.

The Almathera plugins produce shape, bevel, halo, drop shadow, grayscale, warp, lightning and puddle effects.
Large collection of free filters
14 filters with bevel, distortion and convolver effects
8 filters with various effects
8 plugins with simple transparency, color, edge, emboss, grain and mesh effects.
7 of these 21 plugins for creating tileable images and textures for free
Among the code are e.g. Adjust Saturation, AFH Beveler 3.0, Patches Factory (animated), Box Blur, Nirvana, Fractalism and many other examples. Filter Meister is free to use, but if you want to compile your own plugins, you have to register it.
FilterForge will be offering so called Freepacks, which are are free Photoshop plugins based on the Filter Forge technology. Freepack 1 is a set of seven metal textures and effects. Freepack 2 contains seven photo effects, e.g. for adding sunny styles, grunge looks, color tints, age the image and more. Freepack 3 offers seven frame effects, e.g. a painted wooden frame or a vignette.The effects are fully adjustable and support seamless tiling.
Consists of dozens of plugins. Most plugins apply the effect without showing a dialog except a few plugins.
37 filters for distortion, blur and tile effects
26 free Photoshop-compatible plugins that were created with Filter Meister. The plugin effects range from color effects, photo correction, transparency manipulation, distortion to grain and fractals. Updated for Windows Vista compatibility
Mura's Filters
Cloud produces a seamless cloud effect, Copies blends multiple copies of an image and Seamless makes an image seamless by wrapping the edges around.
23 filters with some pattern effects and two distortion offers 11 free plugins created with Filter Factory (for Win/Mac) called Rounded Corner, Garbage Collections, penta's "VR Filter2", color dot and ToyCamera. Most of them create TV distortions.
Free feature limited version of Blade Pro. You can use it to create nice text effects or beveled and textured shapes. It offers 16 presets and a slider for adjusting the bevel height. Unfortunatelly you can't use other than the 16 textures. You need to register it (for free) before you can apply the effects.
Include many freeware plugins. 3D Sphere Generator, Color Bar Generator, Pinch, Pinocchio are just a few.
10 filters without sliders for creating tiles and textures
How to explain Sinedots? Look under both Photoshop and Aftereffects on his site for downloads.
32 Photoshop plugins. These plugins were created by a Japanese programmer and offer some interesting effects you shouldn't miss. Some of them apply directly to the image while other have a Japanese dialog.
36 nice filters with various effect e.g. blur, mosaic, bevel, transparency
Art Texture, Fantasy Wrap, and Particle. Particle.Plugin creates eight natural particle effects, e.g. smoke, fire, bubbles, clouds and rain.
Adrenaline series consists of several free plugins and two commercial ones. "Snowscape" lets you add a snow effect to a layer. "Snowflakes" adds snowflakes of any size and shape to your images.
VM Distortion, VM Experimental, VM Extravaganza, VM Instant Art, VM Natural, VM Toolbox, Total of 144 Filters
Consist of 4 collections of up to 9 freeware plugins plus a new XL collection of five plugins.
Consist of 4 collections of up to 9 freeware plugins plus a new XL collection of five plugins.

Two other key things you might need in loading filters besides the correct .dll.
One is Harry's Plugin Commander Light
The other is the FM Patcher, a tool for making FilterMeister .8bf plugins Vista-compatible, was released.
It is a coproduction of The Plugin Site and AFH Systems.
The Plugin Essentials article was updated with with a new "Making FilterMeister Plugins work under Windows XP and Vista" section.

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