Leave me a pint, will ya?

Okay, had my labs done this morning. I had talked to my PCP about handling my labs since some of what I needed was not being drawn as part of my surgeon’s lab slip…so he told me to get the list to his nurse and he would sign the slip…so the other day, I got Vitalady’s list and copied the needed labs for my 9 months. Picked up the slip yesterday and got them pulled this morning. I also copied the codes needed.

So I show up at the hospital lab (run by Labcorp) and hand them my list…ends up being 14 tubes. Good thing I had a copy of the list on my iPhone in my Dropbox or we would have had to wait til my PCP opened up. But now my list is on file with them so I am set for Jan now. :)

As good as she was, my veins didn’t want to cooperate and she ended up sticking me three separate times. Told her I’d rather have a new stick then her poking at it. We’d get several tubes and then it would slow to a crawl.

As a side note…if you don’t have a dropbox account and decide to sign up, use this link: Dropbox

But she did say that it was a lot to pull…said my husband was with me so I was good.