We got back online last week…only took three weeks to get internet/phone/ and cable! Boy are we out of the loop…we tried to not use the mifi any more than we had too and I still went over my monthly allowance in 10 days. But that is all sorted now…took the installers only a few mins to get everything hooked up.

Then last Thursday I saw a vein specialist to deal with my varicous veins. The nurse who did all the stuff ahead of time was asking my height and my weight. I answered 5’4″ and 136 (gained back one from my original goal of 135) and she looked at me and said “no way you could weigh that much, you are such a tiny thing!” ME!!! Tiny!!!! I sure don’t see it in the mirror.

And the house is coming together. We also got a puppy this past week…an 11 week old Golden Retriever/Boxer mix. We’ve been building a fence (actually rebuilding as the old fence got taken down because it looked so bad) and building a doghouse out of re-purposed packing crates. Here is a shot of my husband and the almost complete doghouse:











I was told by a friend that it wasn’t big enough…I asked how big it needed to be…she replied “big enough to add the dog as well”.