I’m DYING without internet!

Okay, we moved to a new house on the 15th of Sept…went offline at that end on the 14th. Due to a plethora of things, we still are OFFLINE except for the mifi and we blew thru that 5 gbs already…was blocked this morning…got it unblocked only to end up blocked again this afternoon…I suspect a cron job runs the commands and does an automatic block.

We had our second opinion on Sun the 25th and yes, we HAVE line of sight issues…the DirecTV supervisor’s comment was “they live in the middle of a FOREST” to the person on the other end, LOL.

So we will be released from our DirecTV contract.

In the meantime, we found out from him that the coax cable running into the house on one side IS NOT satelitte tv but cable tv/internet/etc. Or house is servicable with no construction needed.

Now, I am waiting on a return phone call from a supervisor on the TV side of the house to see why they think we do not have cable already run to the house. Did they come UP to the house to check or just look at it from the street?

From the street, you can’t see where it is wired for all the trees in the way.

So on Monday, the 26th, we ended up going down to the local Comcast office (this one is a regional training center) and started there. We talked to this CRS who sent an email to his supervisor (who was at the hospital with another co-worker) asking why our house would have to have construction.

He promised he would call us back on Tues…no word so by Wed, the 28th, we were both pissed.

So we go back down there (by now we had discovered they truly were our only option as even AT&T can’t bring in DSL). And neither dish service would work. Let me just say, I hate first level CSR’s as they have NO ability to be creative. Plus this one on Wed was condescending. Also they had NO supervisor’s on the floor…their only one was now on vacation.

So while there, I pulled out my iPhone and started googling Comcast Corporate HQ’s.  My conversation started in the car tho and not in front of the CSR. And I got passed the receptionist in almost no time flat.

Went like this: Yes, my name is Elizabeth Ramsey and while you say you are doing your best to keep customers, apparently you don’t care to get new ones. “Yes, ma’am, if you will hold a min, I will get someone to help you” Told her thank you and then a brief silence…

Next thing I know I am talking to the head of Customer Relations at Corporate. She promised she would get me in touch with the regional office by the end of the day. I told her that all I wanted was to actually SEE the construction people to find out why it would take construction. And that 45 BUSINESS days was too long as I had already lost money.

Within an hour, one of the managers at the Knoxville office called me and got me a visit by the HEAD of construction here today. I also was given his direct number.

Today, the head of construction comes out…why it will need construction NOW makes sense. The level of service we need is beyond the capabilities of the current line. And an upgraded line has to be run to that same pole. But he said it would be done by the end of next week…has no clue where the 45 days came from. We got his card & number and he told me he would get it in as fast as he could but he was not promising any faster than end of next week. I suspect I got bumped to the head of the list.

I did tell him that when I started getting nowhere with answers and people promising to call and then failing to follow thru, that’s when I decided to call the Corporate office.

Told dh they shouldn’t piss on me, I don’t get mad, I GET EVEN.

So while I am still without internet or TV or a phone, I suspect it will be bumped to the top of their to do list. Once the cable is in, I was told I would get top priority to get the actual service installed.

Apparently our neighbor will also benefit from this as the feed line from the main box will come to the pole that is actually on his property.

And it is a good thing as I have already gone thru over 2 gb of data and only 3 days into my new month. Have 5 gb a month.

And yes, the construction supervisor said he would have been just as upset as I was when facing the same situation…no one responding to emails, no one returning calls, and NO real explanation.

And at 4PM Thursday we discovered the Comcast construction crew on our street working on our line…seems we just might be back online by Monday or so.Today, a Comcast contract worker was out making sure the line was live…and I was promised all three services, cable, internet, AND phone by mid day Friday.