Been almost a month

Since I last checked in but we’ve been moving from Oak Ridge to S. Knoxville and all that a move entails. It doesn’t help matters that we can’t get TV/Internet/or a phone at the moment…still trying to work all that out. Thankfully we have a mifi.

Anyway, last time I posted asking if I was done and stuck at the 140/141 spot…well, it seems I wasn’t cause today I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT of 135. I want to go lower so that I weigh that fully dressed standing on a doctor’s scale but it seems I wasn’t stuck after all.

Lesson here…as long as you are still in your 2 year honeymoon phase, you probably are NOT done losing. You are just stalling. Stalls are a royal pain but they happen…all too often. We just keep doing what we are suppose to be doing.