Why does everyone assume?

That exercise has to be things like working out at a gym, walking, running, swimming, etc??? I don’t do any of those but I “exercise” hard several days a week…by renovation projects. Right now, I am demolishing a bathroom down to the studs. And in an hour, I can work up such a sweat, I’m dripping (and it’s 62 in the house), can lose a pound or two in an hour or two..yet, when talking about exercise, this kind of activity is not mentioned.

Anyway, I’m holding steady at 135 for right now…and spend a couple of hours each day taking apart a bathroom.


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My 9 month surgiversary

Thought I would do a little photo whoring!!!

Me at my highest weight (about 250, unsure of exact date but the photo is from 2002, on left. Tues, the 25th, at 135 on right.  I lost 4 lbs this last month and 1.5 inches.










This morning, I got on the scale and weighed 133.8!!! And I did notice in the photo that my jeans are starting to get baggy again. Since these are a size 4, I suspect I need to move to the junior department…just wish they all didn’t end at the hips instead of your real waist.



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Leave me a pint, will ya?

Okay, had my labs done this morning. I had talked to my PCP about handling my labs since some of what I needed was not being drawn as part of my surgeon’s lab slip…so he told me to get the list to his nurse and he would sign the slip…so the other day, I got Vitalady’s list and copied the needed labs for my 9 months. Picked up the slip yesterday and got them pulled this morning. I also copied the codes needed.

So I show up at the hospital lab (run by Labcorp) and hand them my list…ends up being 14 tubes. Good thing I had a copy of the list on my iPhone in my Dropbox or we would have had to wait til my PCP opened up. But now my list is on file with them so I am set for Jan now. :)

As good as she was, my veins didn’t want to cooperate and she ended up sticking me three separate times. Told her I’d rather have a new stick then her poking at it. We’d get several tubes and then it would slow to a crawl.

As a side note…if you don’t have a dropbox account and decide to sign up, use this link: Dropbox

But she did say that it was a lot to pull…said my husband was with me so I was good.

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News story about WLS

I just listened to a really interesting story on weight loss surgery on NPR. The DS is mentioned which in itself is unusual. Here is a link so you can listen on line: Surgery Not A Magic Pill for Obese Patients



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Been almost a month

Since I last checked in but we’ve been moving from Oak Ridge to S. Knoxville and all that a move entails. It doesn’t help matters that we can’t get TV/Internet/or a phone at the moment…still trying to work all that out. Thankfully we have a mifi.

Anyway, last time I posted asking if I was done and stuck at the 140/141 spot…well, it seems I wasn’t cause today I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT of 135. I want to go lower so that I weigh that fully dressed standing on a doctor’s scale but it seems I wasn’t stuck after all.

Lesson here…as long as you are still in your 2 year honeymoon phase, you probably are NOT done losing. You are just stalling. Stalls are a royal pain but they happen…all too often. We just keep doing what we are suppose to be doing.


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Am I done???

I hope not as I wanted to get down to 135 at least but seem to be stuck around 140/141. Been here for a few weeks now. I did lose two more inches last month.

I’m wearing a 4/6 in pants and a med to an x-large in tops depending on the cut/style/etc. That is down from a 16W/18W pants and a 2XL/3XL top.

And I am just past 7 months out from my surgery. I’ve lost almost 85% of my excess weight. It’s the last 15% that bothers me. And we typically have a small bounce back of about 5 lbs.

Either that or I am seriously stuck. Maybe the move we are doing into a new house, will kick start it again.


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