My leftover supplies

I have leftover pump supplies from my last order. It’s illegal to sell them, AnimasCorp can’t take them back and it’s a shame to throw them away. So after some phone calls I found them a new home. The local diabetes center will take them for their patients who can’t afford supplies. I made sure they had patients who used the Animas pump and then I will take what I have into them.

Clear out my cabinet and get help to someone less fortunate. I think that’s called a win-win.

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I have a date for my surgery

It’s on the 24th of January so I will be a Jan “baby”.

After we get back from hubby’s surgery, I start my appts to get everything done. I have a 4 hour “diet” class where they teach you how to eat “bariatrically”. I have a checkup with the nurse 2 weeks prior to surgery and I also go in that day and get registered into the hospital system and have all that bloodwork, etc done.

Gonna be a fast and slow 6 weeks.

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It’s been a nightmare for the past two weeks

Let me see if I can get it all sorted out and explained…not even sure I still completely understand it.
I was approved by BCBSTN for my surgery.
The Medicare part tho had to get in the act and decided to not approve the facility even tho my surgery was approved. They decided I could get the surgery here in TN.
So I was trying to appeal it when I found out my secondary, United Healthcare denied me completely. So the appeal became even more critical. I wrote the appeal and then called the next day to find out what I needed to do to get it approved. Found out, I needed to prove there was not a doctor in state who could do the surgery before they would let me go out of state.
I was down to one surgeon as of noon yesterday. He was the partner of my original surgeon. They had to agree for me to switch surgeons AND he had to agree to do a Duodenal Switch on a Lightweight (someone between 35-40 BMI).
I got word that they agreed to the arrangement and he would do a DS on me so I am staying here.

In the meantime, dh was approved and in order not to delay him any further, we will go to NY for his surgery which is now scheduled for the 16th of Dec.

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Dh has been approved

I‘m still in limbo…they are trying to figure out a way to get out of covering me for a DS, I believe. Non compliant patients in the past ruin it for future patients.

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Still in Insurance limbo

Well, mine went into a peer to peer for IN network on Monday and that is still pending. Dh’s is still pending and so is mine on that side. And we are counting down the days…

Can we say nerve wracking?

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I’ve been approved

Dh has not been YET, UHC is behind. And since I was approved out of network, I have to wait for UHC as well for the rest of it.

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